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Born from a collaborative effort between Carnegie Writers, Inc. and the FIND Design, this journal invites you to explore writing as a means of sorting through and sharing one's thoughts, feelings, and memories. With tips and strategies from Dr. Dangerfield, it is our hope that this journey will help guide many writers, amateur and professional alike, down the path of healing and discovery.


Commodities of the Mind includes selections from talented writers who participated in the Adult Author Workshop at Nashville Community Education. This creative anthology includes diverse and unique literature selections of various genres such as poetry, short stories, play writing, article writing and collaborative writing.

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​Kaleidoscope: Turns of Prose and Poetry is a collection of literature from the Adult Writing Workshop held at Fifty Forward, Donelson Station. Through poetry, prose, and play-writing, each writer involved brought their own voice to the page. Everyone sees something different in a kaleidoscope, but to communicate that vision is something else entirely. 


The Importance of Brainstorming for the Development of Ideas in Writing is CW first publication. The anthology includes works by group members and local authors and it provides a variety of strategies for brainstorming ideas in various areas of writing. In addition, it offers reflections on the nature and scope of writing. All proceeds from the publication supported The March of Dimes. 


We are proud to represent a group of authors from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds, whom all have one powerful thing in common: their love of words. As you read, we invite you to consider what these various selections mean in the modern world, where many authors write for their audiences and not for themselves.


Strangers: A collection in collaboration with Nashville Community Education. This creative anthology includes a diverse and unique literature selections of various genres from participants in the Adult Author Workshop.


Occurrimus, Inveniumus, Cruimus includes selections from the Teen Author (TA) workshops hosted at Green Hills Branch Library and Unity Church of Nashville, Youth Ministry. Selections inlcude poetry, short stories, article writing, playwrights and progressive stories. The title, book formation, and content of the book were developed by the TA. ​TA Workshops impact literacy skills, comprehension, critical thinking, and self-expression. The workshops were facilitated by community interns and board members. ​

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